Want to be a hero to the community and check out the most recent Test patch? NCsoft's QA guru Harleyquin is offering to buff players on Test to level 30 today and tomorrow. Here is what she had to say:

Hey Guys, I wanted to let you guys know that today and tomorrow (Tuesday April 8th & 9th) I will be on PTS in Alia Das leveling players to 30 so that anyone who is interested can test the Ranger tree changes. I will be doing this while I am doing other things so I will not be able to teleport anyone to different maps, or give out money and equipment. I will only be leveling characters up so it is up to individual players to get to any particular maps or equipment they want.

I am also going to have my PTS client minimized so if you would like me to level you up you will need to send me an instant message through yahoo messenger. If you walk up to my character or message me in game I won’t be able to respond since I will be doing other things throughout the day.

Yahoo Messenger

[email protected]

Help them out and make the game better!

Source: PlanetTR.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016