Gods & Heroes is one of those stories of a game being pulled back from oblivion. When its original developer Perpetual Entertainment went belly up, the game was lost for a while until Heatwave Interactive picked up the rights back in February of last year. Since then the team has been at constant work building onto the game and getting it ready for its inevitable launch.

But in the latest Gods & Heroes State of the Republic update, we learned that the team will be making changes to their closed beta, switching the servers from an “always available” service to a “punctuated” schedule. Additionally, the update details problems that the team is working on, including stability and scale problems. But the team is also taking the game a step further by implementing PvP and expanding the development team even more. PvP will unfortunately be part of an expansion since the team has to start from scratch.

The second item on our map is one the G&H community has often asked about: Player versus Player combat (PvP). This is the third gameplay aspect that makes sense for Gods & Heroes. Gladiatorial combat and epic battles are some of the first ideas that come to mind when one thinks of ancient Rome. However, PvP was never a focus for the original game, so we will be essentially starting from scratch. Therefore, the team is currently designing a major expansion of the game to incorporate Player versus Player combat within the context of Ancient Rome. This is no small task that requires careful consideration of many game systems. It needs time to be done right.

Check out the full Gods & Heroes State of the Republic update for a list of all the latest content and upcoming changes.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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