Having the ability to own or help create structures in an MMO with your guild is a great thing. Even better is when systems are added that allow you to attack the structures of rival guilds, or fight to defend your own. The latest update for Neverwinter, Stronghold Siege, brings some of that guild versus guild magic to the game and features 20v20 PvP battles.

For the former City of Villains players out there, you may remember the original grand vision for the Supergroup Base system that would have allowed these customizable spaces to be used in a version of guild versus guild PvP. Considering that City of Villains was released a full decade ago, the concept of adding a massive guild versus guild system is one that Cryptic has had for quite some time.

In that older era for the genre it was also commonly believed that you either launched an MMO with a fully functioning PvP system, or you would never have one. For whatever the reason, the thought at the time was that players who came into a focused PvE game would be reluctant to give PvP a go if introduced at any point post-launch.

We’ve all likely figured out by now that isn’t necessarily the case, and Neverwinter is a great example of an MMORPG that has slowly added in new PvP systems and features over time with great success.

Stronghold Siege is the next piece of that puzzle, and brings some much needed guild versus guild combat back to the genre in grand fashion. The maps for Siege are also pretty massive, and easily the largest created for the game so far as you can see in the handy image below.

For more details on how Stronghold Siege works be sure to visit the official Neverwinter website, and you should also be sure to check out the slick new video showcasing the system, lovingly embedded below for your viewing enjoyment!

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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