ArenaNet has opened the vault containing the Guild Wars 2 information to let a little slip out for hungry fans. Lead Designer Eric Flannum has posted part 1 of a two-part story about the upcoming MMORPG. Part 1 of the story details the combat and skill systems of the game. Players will have a ten-slot hotbar, familiar to many MMOG players as a standard hotbar, but a player's profession and weapon will influence the first five skills on the hotbar as they are not slotted by the player.Luckily, not all slots are like that as players will have the opportunity to slot some of their own chosen skills.

The first five skills on the skill bar are not slotted directly by the player; instead they are determined by the player's choice of weapon and profession. Because of this, we can ensure that each weapon is balanced with a fun combination of skills.

This isn't the only news released today. ArenaNet also posted a new page for the Elementalist, complete with several new videos. This class channels the forces of nature with disastrous consequences on their enemies.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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