OGaming dishes up an interview with Webzen's Huxley Producer Kijong Kang.

OGaming: The trick to building an awesome sci-fi shooter title versus fantasy or RPG game is…?

Kijong Kang: Creating a sci-fi world that draws on reality. We are focusing on a ‘near future’ concept to make the Huxley world somewhat familiar and relatable to reality. Weapons and vehicles that show up in-game will have realistic mechanisms that could possibly exist in the real world. We are striving to immerse players into a game environment that feels familiar… almost like they are fighting on a real battleground.

Of course, we will provide strong action along with dazzling special effects. This will bring in the sci-fi FPS element. We’re doing a lot to create a unique game that at the same time will feel familiar to FPS players.

Ah I remember back in the good old days when you'd just feel happy whacking at the stray Orc.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016