I look for news on this game everyday so I was surprised that whilst browsing MMORPGDOT I came across this one. Gamespy has a Huxley Preview. I'm not sure that I'll actually play the game but I'm interested in seeing it in action now.

t the center of Huxley's struggle are two distinct subspecies of humans-as-we-know-them-today: Sapiens, which are more or less like you and me, and Alternatives, which were more dramatically affected by the Nuclearite shower. They're at war with each other, but also with a wildcard faction known as Hybrids. As of now, we know that Sapiens and Alternatives will be playable races. As for Hybrids, well, all such inquiries to Webzen were met with coy glances, and vague comments. Make of that what you will.

On a side note: I'm thinking that this is the year of the post apocolyptic genre. Not my bag but you can never tell what the future holds.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016