Evil is afoot!

The recent in-game events that have been happening in Dungeons and Dragons Online continue with another one this evening.

Events have transpired that are far worse that we had ever envisioned. The loathsome devils have summoned a portal, opening a rift between our plane and theirs! Stormreach is now compromised. Our agents are still investigating the infernal code but this looming vortex is now our priority. We need more time. We must discover what the purpose of the portal is and how we can stop it. Let us hope time is on our side.

Unfortunately, the situation on the ground has gotten worse. The devils’ scouting parties have been a regular sight in the marketplace. All citizens of Stormreach are asked to be on their guard when entering the Marketplace. If you see devils or other foul creatures in the city dispatch them with all haste!

If my latest translation of their infernal script is correct, it seems the next major phase of Shavarath incursion will occur tomorrow evening (Wednesday, 9:30 PM EST). I believe that they are even now in final preparation for their ultimate counter-strike this weekend on the eve of Sar (Saturday 8:30 PM EST). If we all join together we may be able to thwart their plans in time! If you don't think your combat skills will be of assistance, keeping yourself alive is paramount, so please seek out Zoth Naylte and he can help you get around while avoiding the Marketplace altogether.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016