September 2

Right on the heels of announcing the winners from August, Sir Lawrence
d'Deneith of the Coin Lords is back with another trivia
show-down! So brush up on your game trivia and don't forget to study
some old school pen and paper D&D:

Event Schedule:

Saturday, September 2nd

7:00 PM Eastern / 4:00 PM Pacific: Mabar

8:30 PM Eastern / 5:30 PM Pacific: Tharashk

10:00 PM Eastern / 7:00 PM Pacific: Thelanis

Event Details:

  • Event will run 60 minutes
  • Questions will take place roughly every 5-8 minutes server-wide
    via a broadcast message.
  • Sir Lawrence will be gathering players in front of the Market
    gate in the Harbor.
  • To reply to a question, send a /tell to "+Sir" with what you
    believe is the correct answer. The first player to reply with the
    correct answer will win that round.
  • Players can answer a question correctly no more than once per
    server in order to allow others a chance to win prizes. Winning players
    may not win on the other servers.
  • At the end of the allotted event time, all the winners will
    be asked to gather together and they will be asked a new question which
    will determine that server’s grand winner!
  • Players may attempt to answer questions on each event server,
    however all winners may not win more than once.
  • Prizes for each finalist will be a unique robe exclusive to
    trivia winners. In addition, the top players from each server will win
    a limited edition DDO poster signed by the game designers and Sir
    Lawrence d’Deneith as well as a special D&D related prize

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016