If there's one game in recent history that has players polarized on opposite extremes, it has to be Adventurine's sandbox PvP-filled battlefest, Darkfall. The concept of no levels, an open world, and unapologetic PvP may be a blast from the past but with the games of today trying to appeal to everyone, Darkfall's focused direction is a breath of fresh air.

Bringing the challenge of yesterday's MMOG's to the gamers of today has been an uphill battle, but the team has stuck to its guns and is quickly coming into its own. Gamesource's Massimo "Nolvadex" Villa recently had the chance to talk with Darkfall developer, Tasos to get the latest news.

GS: Since the beginning of the Darkfall development, how much your ideas about the game and the features have changed, comparing the release version at launch? How much the budget influenced your choices, regarding these aspects?

We have stayed true to the original ideas about the game. Publishers have asked us to make changes in order to cooperate with us, if we made Darkfall more marketable, rather than a niche game. We didn’t want to make a game for the mass market however, so we did whatever we could to stay true to our original vision.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016