Have you ever wished you could hop in a space ship, jump to another galaxy, then dive through a planet's atmosphere to finally settle down on the surface? If Falvien Brebion has his way, that's exactly what you'll be able to do and a whole lot more in Infinity.

Infinity seeks to be hailed as a space combat simulation, complete with a universe literally the size of the Milky Way with over 200 billion star systems to explore. Gamesource's Massimo "Nolvadex" Villa recently had the chance to talk with Infinity Community Manager, Rich Woods, to get the latest news.

GS: What's the definition of "Procedural Universe" and how big will be the "game's world"?

The game is set in the Milky Way galaxy and the game universe will be as big as the Milky Way is in real life. That is, the game universe will consist of between 200-400 billion unique star systems.

This is only possible because the universe is generated procedurally by an algorithm. Instead of having a database of billions of star systems we simply have an algorithm that knows how to build a star system. We then give this algorithm the coordinate of where the galaxy generation procedure has indicated there should be a star and the star system generation procedure creates a valid star system for that location. The galaxy and all its star systems are all generated from fixed seeds, they will be regenerated exactly the same every time the code runs and every player in the game will see the same universe.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016