Jumpgate Evolution evolves into real web presence with JGEWiki.

The brand new out of the box Jumpgate Evolution Wiki is chock full of interesting information that has been culled, scraped and assembled from many sources (quite a few from our Jumpgate Evolution stockpile). Being a combat freak, I went right to the targeting section of the wiki and found this:

* Jumpgate is a skill based game, there is no auto-targeting. Guns must be properly aimed.

* Demo videos have shown that a targeting computer does exist. A green square leads the target and approximates where you should aim based on the speed of the target and your weapon.

* Targeting computers existed in JGC as a modx component called “duelist” but could be easily confused by a good pilot. Aiming is a skill, the targeting computer is just an estimate.

* Some missiles have locking capability but even they require a certain amount of skill, such as keeping a visual on the target or acquiring a lock in the first place.

That is the type of information that I want to know. Of course the whole lack of auto-targeting is fine, but guns being "properly aimed" will be my problem since I tend to be as steady as a meth fiend on a Red Bull bender. Stop by the newly created Jumpgate Evolution Wiki for specific questions or just to browse the currently known information as we all eagerly await the launch.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016