Gets Bigger and Bigger...

Here's another update to the Known Issues List for the Twilight
Forge Module from Community Relations Specialist, Samera:

I have updated the known issues list again. I added:

  • The chests in "The Titan Awakes" and "The Twilight Forge" are
    currently giving no treasure when played on "elite".
  • In
    the Caverns of Korromar (Southern Excavation), the Daanvi Codex may
    only be used once per party. If the individual using it does not meet
    the stat

    requirement the quest cannot completed and the entire party fails.

We are hoping to fix the chests in a hotfix later this week.

As for the codex - until we can get a fix in it would be best if you
ensure that only a person who meets the stat requirements (INT 17) uses
the codex. If you get stuck you can still request GM assistance, but
not getting stuck in the first place would be best for everyone src="" alt=""
title="Wink" class="inlineimg" border="0">

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016