Known Issues: Litany of the Dead Part 2

Samera lists the issue that are known for the Litany of the Dead Part 2

Known Issues: Litany of the Dead Part 2

    * NEW - Although counterfeit copies of the tier four
collectibles have a cash value, no vendor will currently purchase them.

    * NEW - When you hit 2000 favor you get a letter
from Nyx that seems to indicate that you have acheived a new favor
reward level. Sadly this is not the case - 2000 favor is not a
benchmark level.

    * NEW - The focus orb can't be moved all the way to
the right of your client window.

    * There is an issue with the quest item "Calliphor’s
Phylactery" from the Spire of Validus. When you have multiple copies of
the Phylactery and then stack them the stack’s plural name is incorrect
and becomes "Siberys Dragonshards". Until this is fixed, anyone
attempting to buy Siberys Dragonshards from the auction house should be
aware that real Siberys Dragonshards have a red gem as their icon.

    * When you try to use the character name hyperlinks
in any chat tab other than general, the automatic \tell will not appear
on that tab, but will appear in the general tab instead.

    * Some of the voiceover text for some of the new
quests is either missing or doesn’t match the written DM text.

    * Parthilcar Tower Crypt

          o There is a
skeleton that often gets stuck against a wall.

    * Shadow Crypt

          o Brother
Nerezza is showing as the wrong CR level on Hard and Elite – this is a
display issue only.

    * Spawn of Whisperdoom

          o Optional
objectives for Splinterskull treasures in Spawn of Whisperdoom cannot
be completed.

    * Tomb of the Shadow King

          o Two traps are
not working properly.

    * Tomb of the Wizard King is missing its mapnote.

    * Levels 10 and 12 are cut off in Barbarian's
character sheets.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016