It's Merge Time!

Lineage II looks to merge a few servers next month, which will create a more competitive environment.

Since we opened server transfers in February this year, we’ve all seen a noticeable shift in what servers the Lineage II population is playing on. Many players transferred from lower population servers to higher population servers in the name of greater competition, which is in essence what Lineage II is about. This has left us with a few servers with low enough populations that the communities on those servers have expressed their concern.

After looking at the servers, we agree that some changes need to be made to help us maintain the very highest quality Lineage II experience for all of our players. As such, we will be combining a few of our North American servers in early July. With the exciting changes coming in the next Chaotic Throne installment (which we plan to launch later this summer), we believe that merging some servers now will create an even more active, competitive Lineage II community.

We aim to make this as smooth and painless a transition as possible for our players and feel this will balance and revitalize the overall server populations.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016