The EU Official Tabula Rasa site has breaking news from the front, apparently a strange man has been spotted at numerous AFS facilities. While his odd behavior might stem from an overexposure to Halo 3 hype, the full scope of his madness is unknown at this time. The Official Site had much to say:

Strange incidents have been reported across several regions of Planet Foreas, all AFS personnel should remain on high alert. If you catch a sighting of a somewhat underdressed individual, scurrying around and cackling manically you are encouraged to shoot on sight. Repeat, shoot on sight. This is code red.

Eye witness reports from two high-ranking AFS officials suggest this individual poses a very real threat and should be eliminated without hesitation. Said Commander Granger of VI Battalion, “…he just came out of nowhere, a crazed look in his eyes like he was possessed. No sooner had I readied my rifle, he was gone, like a phantom. A deranged, psychopathic phantom. I think he was foaming at the mouth”. Private Pyrons was also taken off guard when he was mounted like a wild jackal and rendered unconscious, Medics are on the scene.

Stay tuned to Ten Ton Hammer for more and check out the Official EU site for the full story.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016