Free stuff for everyone!

New Metin 2 players have an exciting new offer to look forward to:

G4BOX Inc, a North American
publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment media,
announced today a special promotion for the month of April. All new
players who register at will receive 150 free METIN
points (MP) to buy items in the game's item mall.

New players can start their METIN 2 experience off right with 150 MP in
their pockets as soon as they start the game. Players can immediately
go into the game's item mall and purchase popular items including the
important "return scroll" which will save a location and allows
players to teleport to that location, or the player could choose to
purchase "Peach Flower Wine" which will instantly recover 500HP
(almost 1/3 of the HP for low levels).

Read more at the official site.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016