July 14, 2006

Community Relations Specialist, Samera is at it again. She is doing a
great job keeping us posted on the latest developments to Dungeons
& Dragons Online: Stormreach. Here is her latest post:

  • DM voiceover is working for the Twilight Forge Quests.
  • Restless
    Isles: Players using the “Wildman Guide” to travel to the Wildman
    Village were previously unable to open a locked door between the
    Wildman Village and the Shrieking Mines. Players can now find a key
    that opens this door.
  • Divine Favor and Shield will no longer be cast as part of the
    Patron Rewards System.
  • Items that previously (incorrectly) displayed as stacks of 50
    (correctly) appear to be a single item.

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