Lineage stokes the fires by releasing two episodes.

Lineage has been around since 1998. Which as we all know is back before the earth cooled in terms of internet years. In a move to revitalize the very popular game (in Asia anyway), NCsoft has released two Episodes at once:

The release of Episode 6 and Episode U adds many new encounters, such as battling Varlok in Desire Cavern, confronting hordes of pirates from the Ship Graveyard, and exploring the new Haunted House and the rebuilt town of Gludin. Players may also spend time learning to cook or fish, or may choose to enter their pets in organized fighting matches.

The story behind Episode 6 centers on the unleashing of Girtas, the ruler of the otherworld, who is wreaking havoc throughout the lands of Aden. Players can fight their way through the multi-leveled Lastavard dungeon before facing off against the evil sorcerer Dantes, and then, Girtas himself, in an epic confrontation.

To get acquainted with this long-standing MMO or get re-acquainted, go to the recently revamped website for Lineage.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016