NCsoft Europe announced today that it had selected Sana Security to handle the online security of its games.

London, UK - Sana Security, Inc., the leading behavioral security software company, today announced that NCsoft®Europe, the world’s largest developer and publisher of online computer games, recommends Sana’s Primary Response SafeConnect as a deterrent against malicious software whilst playing online. NCsoft Europe, whose millions of dedicated players are among the most devoted, demanding and technically sophisticated gamers in the world, chose Sana technology because of its effectiveness and extremely low impact on memory and CPU performance.

Online gamers continually seek to squeeze the greatest performance out of their systems. For most, traditional anti-virus (AV) software is seen as the most intrusive, as well as being a serious drain on memory and performance. Many gamers turn their AV software off altogether while gaming, exposing them to risks through the known and unknown vulnerabilities that exist in a variety of other applications they leave running for use while gaming online.

Built on Sana’s award winning behavior-based anti-malware technology, Primary Response SafeConnect detects and removes malicious software, including difficult new variants designed to steal password and identity information via “phishing,” spyware, malware and other methods. Sana technology is also effective against criminal software innovations being used to hide the very presence of malware on a device, which make it far more difficult to detect or remove.

Read more about Sana at their official website.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016