Laser battles with the Bane turned out to be less attractive to players than expected, apparently.

PlayNoEvil reports that NCsoft may have gotten a lot less then they bargained for with their Sci-Fi MMOG Tabula Rasa, whose projected failure to return on the initial investment has driven NCsoft's stock to an "all time low."

Big, bad news: Cho Jin-seo of The Korea Times reported today that NCSoft is downsizing its studio in Austin due to the failure of Tabula Rasa. The game is estimated to have cost 100 Billion Won (US$106 Million) over 6 years. The game earned 5 Billion Won ($5.3 Million) in 2007 and is projected to earn 15 Billion Won ($16 Million) in 2008 worldwide.

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[Via PlayNoEvil]

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016