The folks at Cryptic Studios have certainly kept busy since the launch of Neverwinter. Elemental Evil - the sixth module for the game - rolls out today, and adds a hefty amount of new features, content, and bumps the level cap up to 70. This module also comes hot on the tails of the recent launch of Neverwinter on Xbox One.

Along with the level cap increase to 70, many associated systems are also seeing some major updates. A brief overview of what’s included is listed out below, but for additional details I’d encourage you to check out the full patch notes on the official website.

  • New Class: The Oathbound Paladin
    • This class can focus on tanking or healing, based on their Paragon Path selection. Taking either an Oath of Protection or an Oath of Devotion will modify all encounter powers along with the usual unique passives and additional powers.
  • All classes receive new class features, Encounter Powers, and Feats
  • Enchantments and Runestones – the Hungry, Hungry Hippos of Neverwinter - can be refined to Rank 12
  • Artifacts can also be refined further, up to Rank 120 in the new Mythic quality
  • A new secondary artifact slot unlocks at level 70
  • Companions can also be ranked up even further, with the new Legendary quality capping at Rank 40, unlocking new passive powers in the process.
    • All existing companions can also gain 5 new ranks regardless of their current quality.
    • As with current tier upgrades for companions, I’d imagine there will be a price tag attached to unlocking the new legendary quality. The astral diamond cost per-companion to cap them out at Rank 30 isn’t too harsh, but does begin to add up if you’re upgrading multiple companions. Hopefully the newest upgrades won’t break everyone’s Astral banks.
  • Professions can also be ranked up further, to level 25.
  • Loads of other items are also being added to account for the new level cap, as one might expect

Elemental Evil is set to go live a bit later today, but in the meantime you can view the full patch notes over on the official site.

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Last Updated: Mar 15, 2016

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