We heard a rumor that you like trailers. As these things typically go, it wasn’t exactly clear if you fantasize about starting your own hippy trailer park commune in the middle of the desert, or if you’re more into video game trailers. We’re kind of banking on the latter, so get ready to feast your eyeballs on the brand new trailer for Neverwinter: Elemental Evil on Xbox One!

(If this assumption is incorrect, we blame it on the purple monkey dishwasher)

In all seriousness, Elemental Evil is a pretty epic installment for an already epic MMO gaming experience on Xbox One. Due out on September 8, players will be gaining a massive amount of new content, bringing the Xbox One client multiple expansions closer to the current PC version of the game. If you’re a console gamer looking for a worthy MMO experience, you’ll definitely want to check it out. Likewise, if you’re normally a PC gamer but are looking for a console game worth investing some time into, you can’t go wrong with Neverwinter.

To give you a better idea of just how awesome this update truly is, be sure to focus your optical receptor units on the video below. If you have 3D glasses, you don’t need to put them on now. Unless it’s a form of fashion statement you’re trying to make, in which case we thoroughly encourage you to unleash the beast.

I’m still a very big fan of the Dread Ring campaign, so am pretty excited to finally be able to access it on Xbox. Of all the expansions added so far, that one is easily my favorite in terms of theme and impact on the life of my characters. Of course, your own mileage may vary.

For a complete rundown on what’s bundled in the Elemental Evil update on September 8, be sure to ride your great space coaster over to the official Neverwinter website.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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