Defiance has had a changing of the guard recently. Three-year Trion Worlds veteran Chris Lena has taken over as executive producer, the role once filled by former CCP vet Nathan Richardsson, who, according to his LinkedIn profile, departed the company this month.

In his introductory post today, Lena announced that the first Defiance DLC pack, which was initially expected to release shortly after launch, will finally be making its way to the game sometime in August. The DLC, outlined previously by Richardsson back in May, will focus on the Castithan race, adding them as a playable species along with their new Charge Blade weapons, Arena game modes, additional story missions, and more.

Lena didn’t spend much time discussing the DLC before turning his attention to the live game and what’s being done to improve the experience for players. Just a few things in the works are improvements and fixes to the patching process, finally fixing the chat system and adding more social functions, regional server connectivity fixes, and more.

Source: Defiance Executive Producer Chris Lena on the Future

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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