In this Next Generation interview with Ken Troop, some significant aspects of DDO were discussed. The sense of being a hero, low population servers for encouraging closer-knit communities, instances, and the flexibility of D&D's characters and skills systems! Read the full article, here.

Dungeon design is also geared towards forming easier groups. "Most dungeons will be designed for 4-6 member parties, and many dungeons can be completed with fewer than the recommended number of players," Troop said.
“It’s not always Tank-Mage-Healer combos that win – the D&D class and skill systems provide much more flexibility than most traditional MMOs allowing more creative and hopefully easier party selection. In some cases, it’s possible to complete an entire adventure with only a Rogue and a Cleric, never entering face-to-face combat at all."

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016