Squish Those Bugs!

Before your report it, look here for known issues with the new enhancement system.

Known Issues as of 2/9/07

    * Cleric enhancements that increase damage/healing
(Wand Mastery, Smiting, Life Magic) do not function.

    * Cleric Divine Light enhancement line appears to do

    * Several Cleric enhancements have the wrong/no
progression value for their level: Extra Turning III, Improved Spell
Penetration II, Divine Light III, Diplomacy IV, Heal IV, Concentration

    * One Elf enhancement has the wrong progression
value for its level: Arcane Fluidity II.

    * All racial weapon bonuses to attack and damage are
potentially b0rked, though many work fine. You may be unable to
purchase greater than Rank I in them.

    * Spell critical chance and multipliers from items
and enhancements do not stack.

    * When you obtain the ranger enhancements Desert
Lore II, Tundra Lore II, and Swamp Lore II, you are automatically given
Desert Lore III, Tundra Lore III, and Swamp Lore III.

    * The pre-req's for Rogue Faster Sneaking II are
listed as level 5 and progression 20 rather than the level 5
progression 16.

    * By picking up the 2nd level of Dwarf Goblinoid
Hatred you also get the 3rd level added to your character sheet.

    * Skill enhancements that are passive but which give
bonuses to active skills may have a square icon (active) instead of an
octagonal icon (passive)

    * Cleric Diplomacy IV gives +7 to diplomacy and not

    * Improved Heightening I: has required wizard level
2 & 6

    * Energy of the Scholar III: has progression 28
(should be 32)

    * Improved Spell Penetration II: has progression 28
(should be 32)

    * Concentration IV: No Wizard level requirement

    * Repair IV: No Wizard level requirement

    * Two enhancements are missing entirely, perhaps due
to incorrect requirements: Lineage of Energy II and Lineage of Energy

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016