Yesterday Origins of Malu developer Burning Dog launched a new Kickstarter campaign to raise development funding for their upcoming MMOG. Just one day after the campaign launched, Burning Dog decided to pull the plug. The reason behind the decision is actually a good one. The Indy developer has secured new funding for the project and has decided to end its Kickstarter bid; however, if you’re one of the ones that made a pledge to support the game before it ended, you’ll be getting a big thank you from the devs.

Those that made a pledge to the Kickstarter campaign will have their pledge refunded, and regardless of the amount pledged, those same people will receive the following for free for supporting the project:

  • A digital copy of the game when released
  • Digital Soundtrack
  • Access to the beta
  • In-Game VIP Title
  • Digital Art Book
  • Relic Item – Appearance Change Item
  • Name a NPC
  • Special in game housing piece
  • 1 – World Boss Control – You control a world boss until he is dead.
  • Special in game Emote
  • In-game Lithu Guard Dog!
  • Dye Kit – Dye your armor
  • In game item: Hat
  • In game item: Trophy
  • Special Forum Access

While the details of what new funding has been secured have yet to be revealed, Burning Dog CEO Michael Dunham does vow that it will allow them to deliver on their promise to gamers.

“We know this seems like a strange turn of events, but we are learning just how fast the game industry can change. And all I can say is this will give us the ability to deliver what you have been asking and begging for years.”

More details about the funding deal should be forthcoming soon.

Source: Origins of Malu Kickstarter Update

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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