p>I'm not entirely convinced by Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen and that's primarily because I feel it offers nothing new, on a shoe string budget compared to all other MMOG's in development. However, clearly 2,000+ backers disagree with me. If it does reach its funding (it needs $35,000 per day) you can now expect to play the Wizard.

With "magic damage and shapeshifting, capable of dealing massive arcane elemental/elemental damage, teleporting and party enhancement." it sounds pretty run of the mill. 

Through the use of dangerous chaos magic, the Wizard taps into the array of magical energies that permeate Terminus to form devastating spells. They are capable of harnessing the powerful magic called the Terminus Arcana to grant them the ability to teleport themselves and others across the varied climates of Terminus. When not doing this they decimate their foes with a variety of magical disciplines. Regardless of the challenge, a craft wizard can root, snare, blink and nuke his way to victory.

Be wary when casting spells on a wizard. Whether frenzy or aspect, a wizard's understanding of the magic that surrounds him or her gives them the ability to not only deflect or turn it back at you but to also change the very nature of a spell cast on them or their group. This is one of many reason why those who have survived an encounter with a Wizard often refer to them as the Warmages of Chaos.

If you like the look of the Wizard, be sure to pledge your allegiance to the Kickstarter page, because my spider sense is tingling that this paper idea just won't get funded. 

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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