Deployment 9 is now live on Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa! This long awaited patch brings several new features to the game. The biggest story is the discovery of a brand new control point in Plains, as well as the redesign of many other Control Points around the worlds. The redesign is to help facilitate the clan wars, and make it easier for the AFS to fend off attacks. The entrance to the new Velon Hollow zone is added, although the instance won't be available until Deployment 10. To go along with Velon Hollow, a new mission is available in Plateau to unlock the mission series for the upcoming map.

Prestige wagering is in, several abilities were adjusted, and adjustments were made to the clan system.

The clan system has been revised to allow for new rule sets for clan participation:

* A character can only be in one clan at a time.

* PvE Clans:

- Players can be on various PvE clans per account. Each character can choose the PvE clan they wish to be a part of with that character.

- Leaving a PvE clan no longer requires a 7 day period to run out before joining another PvE clan.
* PvP Clans:

- Players may be in only one PvP clan per account. All other characters of the account can join the same PvP clan, but they cannot be in another clan that is PvP.

- Leaving a PvP clan still requires a 7 day period to run out before joining another PvP clan.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016