It’s been about a year since the sci-fi robot vs human MMOG Perpetuum left space dock and developer Avatar Creations has a series of events and a brand new expansion lined up for the occasion.

The game’s new expansion, Intrusion 2.0, will officially launch on December 1st, bringing improvements to graphics, the conquering outpost mechanics and missions along with enhancements to combat and player-run corporations. Intrusion 2.0 will also add a new freighter robot named Scarab and new celebration events.

The anniversary weekend will kick off on December 2nd with events that include the Perpetuum Corporation Tournament and an Anniversary Treasure Hunt.

Check out the Perpetuum website and new update screenshots and press release after the break for more.

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Before the Update
After the Update

Perpetuum 1st Anniversary

Perpetuum, the robot-themed sci-fi sandbox MMO is about to turn one year old by the end of November. To celebrate our first anniversary we are planning to release a
major expansion called Intrusion 2.0 on December 1st, which will significantly improve
conquerable outpost mechanics and enhance combat and industry for player-run corporations, not to mention a shiny new robot and improvements to our missions and the rendering engine. Following the release, celebrations will commence during the 3-day Perpetuum Anniversary Weekend, including the first of our annual Corporation Tournament for PvP enthusiasts, and a rewarding Treasure Hunt for the PvE crowd.

Intrusion 2.0

Our latest expansion allows corporations to start building their empire by allowing them to fight for and secure outposts on the unprotected Beta islands of Nia. Unlike the mostly random previous system, Intrusion 2.0 allows corporations to gradually increase their influence on an outpost by introducing the concept of stability. Stability governs which outpost services can be privatized, and also decreases the cost of those services for the conqueror. At the highest stability level the outpost owner will even be able to control docking rights, effectively locking out everyone but his chosen allies from using the outpost’s services. Successful occupiers will also benefit from the Aura bonus system, which gives corporation members operating on the same island a boost to their fighting or industrial abilities.

Beyond the stuff for corporations, the expansion also introduces a new freighter robot named Scarab to foster industry and commerce, and a revamp of our mission system is in progress resulting in a lot of exciting new level 3 missions for our players.

Visual improvements are also on the way beginning with Intrusion 2.0. Our world lighting system is about to get a revamp to for a more realistic sky, illumination and shadows, and a much more advanced

rendering of water and terrain is also expected to land with the expansion.

Anniversary Weekend Timeline

The big Perpetuum Anniversary Weekend will start on the 2nd of December at 12:00, and will end on the 5th at 12:00 (all CET/server times). It will include the Corporation Tournament taking place on the 3rd and 4th.

Anniversary Weekend: Corporation Tournament

The first Perpetuum Corporation Tournament will be organized on the first weekend of December, enabling 16 player corporations to battle for the rank of most dangerous fighters of Nia, not to mention the prestigious awards that include special edition robots and rare prototype items. Teams can consist of a maximum of 10 players, have to select their fighting machines based on a point system, but module and weapon fittings are not restricted. Battle rounds go on until the complete destruction of one team, and the winners advance to the top in a straight elimination ladder. The entire event will be available via a live video stream.

Anniversary Weekend: Treasure Hunt

For those players would rather engage in a fun community event with a promise for shiny loot we will organize an anniversary treasure hunt during the anniversary weekend. Players who invest some time and effort can be get hold of never before seen ancient data consoles (either by scanning for new types of artifacts, or looting them from elite Nian lifeforms). We will also introduce two very special sparks which can only be unlocked during this anniversary weekend.

About Perpetuum

In the sci-fi world of Perpetuum players engage in exploring the alien planet of Nia with customizable robots. Remotely controlling these robots from Earth, players are thrown into a foothold situation where they need to build a stable economy while battling the native robotic lifeforms and rogue human agents, all in order to supply Earth with precious energy.

Perpetuum is a P2P (pay to play) persistent universe MMO game, distributed by digital download.

About Avatar Creations

Avatar Creations, located in Budapest, Hungary is a small, independent game development studio. The company was founded for the development of Perpetuum - a completely unique, open, persistent world where players are able to engage in a wide variety of interactions ranging from combat to complex economics. The goal of Avatar Creations is to continually develop this world in the coming years to provide a game that a growing number of players can enjoy worldwide.

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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