Perpetuum Drops Subscription Fees

Posted Mon, Mar 17, 2014 by Lewis B

Over on the official Perpetuum site, they've revealed that the massively multiplayer mech-em-up is going to be changing its subscription model. 

With the new player experience having already launched, they've spoken openly about how they're changing the payment model the game has previously adopted. Having already been approved on Steam's Greenlight, the subscription model is going to be dropped in favour of a single purchase system. This is then going to be supported by an in game shop selling previously unobtainable cosmetic items and improvements. 

To balance things out for those who've already bought and subscribed to the game, there'll be several additional bonuses for existing players. I've never actually played Perpetuum but I followed the game heavily when Rock, Paper, Shotgun provided a brilliant diary of the game.

With the new change to the subscription model, I think I might just have to pickup a copy and show my support. Head on over to the official website for more details.


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