The Laggy Days of Summer

Community Relations Manager Eldorudo had this to say about the Khyber

Over the last several days, Khyber has been experiencing
higher than
normal amounts of lag. The reason for this is undetermined at this
time. I can assure you our NetOps team is working very hard to find out
the cause of the issue. An issue such as this can be very difficult to
pinpoint. There are so many variables that could be contributing;
therefore we do not have a time frame that we could give you at this
time. Once the issue is located we will be attempting to fix it as soon
as possible and we will most certainly keep you in the loop.

There has also been much discussion regarding LFM and LFG messages that
comment on lag. There is nothing wrong with putting a message in the
LFM or LFG that mentions lag. It will be unacceptable, however when
said message is offensive and/or includes language that goes against
the code of conduct. We understand playing with lag is not fun, but
please keep all comments regarding this issue in line with the code of

We realize this is an inconvenience and we would like to apologize to
those that are affected by it, but please be aware we are working on
the issue and hope to have it resolved as soon as possible. As soon as
we have more information to give you, we will.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016