Realtime Worlds announced plans to address a few issues with APB (All Points Bulletin) earlier this week and one of the issues they'll be addressing in the coming weeks lies with the game's Matchmaking system. The system was initially designed to provide a balanced match for players of close to equal skill levels. However, there have been a few problems with players circumventing the system to try and ensure their stats remain high, while others simply don't join a match when called, leaving some players at the mercy of a heavily outnumbered game. It's never fun when you join what was supposed to be a 6 vs 6 game only to find out you joined in and the other players abandoned ship making it a 6 vs 1 beat down.

So what does Realtime Worlds have planned to deal with this issue? There are some ideas that could potentially help make the matches more even, but it's likely some players won't like it.

Well, one school of thought is that we remove the human element altogether.  When players enter the district, they're 'Off Duty' or 'unavailable' or however you want to think about it.  Once they're done with checking mail or sorting their inventory, they hit a key and switch to 'On Duty'. From that point on, they are at the beck and call of their Organisation, and the matchmaking system decides who goes where and does what. Participation in individual missions is no longer a choice.  Your Organisation is sending you to do a job, so get with the programme.  After the mission, if you need to get more ammo or respawn your vehicle, just flip back to 'Off Duty' and nobody will bother you until you're ready to go again.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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