Realtime Worlds is solidifying their place as MMOG developers with the news that they are currently working on a 2nd MMOG title to be announced next year. has the story!

Jones, speaking in his keynote presentation at this year's GameHorizon conference, wouldn't confirm anything more for now, other than that it was "a very ambitious project" that the company is "very excited" about.

He also revealed that it was the project which the company originally set out to create, and was what the initial USD 30 million in venture capital funding was raised for back in 2005 - with the implication that the "ambitious" nature of the game was why APB will now be released first.

Jones went on to talk about the reasons for the formation of Realtime Worlds - principally that he wanted to creative a new business based on online gaming, and challenge the traditional sense of creating games and funding those projects.

Realtime Worlds is the development studio responsible for the platform smash hit "Crackdown" before moving on to the MMOG genre with the current production of All Point Bulletin.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016