The recent changes to Rage have been a hot topic for many and today Lead Designer Paul Sage discussed the free respec we'll be getting in the near future. He had this to say:

Respec stands for respecification. In gaming, the term means your can “re-specify” where you allocated your character points. In Tabula Rasa, your abilities points and skill points will be reset You will be able to choose where your ability points are allocated, choose new powers, and get rid of powers that you didn’t like.

The respec will NOT allow you to change your class. For example, you can’t switch from solider to specialist, or even grenadier to spy. Your tier choices will remain the same, but your attribute and skill points will start from scratch.

Learn more about where they are with the Rage change, how the respec will appear, and much more over the official site. Also stop by our forums to discuss this and more Tabula Rasa news.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016