Module 4...We Promise!

The Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach (DDO) community's
response to href="">our
interview question on Warforged prompted Samera to give
out a golden nugget:

A couple of quick things -

1) a fix for the docent bug is in testing now with QA. If all goes well
it will be in for Module 3.

2) I just answered the Rust Monster question on another thread, but
essentially WF are magnets for Rust Monsters. As per D&D 3.5 rules:
"The creature targets the largest metal object available, striking
first at armor, then at shields and smaller items. It prefers ferrous
metals (steel or iron) over precious metals (such as gold or silver)
but will devour the latter if given the opportunity." and if you're a
WF you're the biggest hunk of metal around.

3) I normally don't like to talk about things like this too soon, but I
really wanted you to know that we have some WF work scheduled for
Module 4. We're essentially going to revamp the feat/enhancements for
WF in a way that should make you happy.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016