Hotfixed for Your Pleasure!

Community Relations Specialist, Samera let players know that Turbine
will be taking care of business on Monday:

We will be Hotfixing the game on Monday, June 26th from
7:00 am to noon

This Hotfix should resolve the following issues:

  • Monsters will be less likely to end up stuck in inactive states.
  • Kobold Shamans will now cast spells again on "Hard" and "Elite"
  • We have fixed an issue that was causing some users to crash
  • Traveling
    back and forth between the harbor and the market could sometimes reset
    your bind point to just inside the market. We have fixed this so that
    your bind point will stay at the brother where you last bound until you
    intentionally bind somewhere else.
  • We have changed the descriptions for item Damage Amplification
    effects to more accurately reflect what they do.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016