Carbine has been teasing fans with images throughout the week for their big WildStar class reveal at San Diego Comic-Con today. Staying true to form Carbine delivered new details along with a video to showcase the two final classes with the sociopathic Chua and the space zombies known as the Mordesh. It’s really hard to see how this can spiral out of control.

Give the video a look below along with the latest details. If you happen to be around Comic-Con today, head over and check out WildStar for more. Carbine will also be hosting a public event later today that will give attendees a chance to get some hands-on time with the game and chat with the devs.

Final Two Races Revealed for WildStar

Chua and Mordesh round out races in new sci-fi MMO from Carbine Studios

ALISO VIEJO, Calif. – July 19, 2013: After weeks of teasing and speculation, Carbine Studios today announced the final two races for WildStar, its upcoming sci-fi MMO, during a developers’ panel at Comic-Con International in San
Diego. The cutely grotesque and weird and creepy new races, called the Chua and Mordesh, bring the total number of races to four in each of WildStar’s two factions and offer players distinct new ways to experience the game. 

Nearly as brilliant as they are sociopathic, the Chua, are mischievous inventors of advanced weapons and technology for the Dominion, and join the previously announced Cassian, Draken and Mechari races. The Mordesh are the newest addition
to the Exiles; cursed with a degenerative disease, these space zombies have become masters of artifice and deception, plying their dark arts to wreak vengeance on their Dominion enemies along with their allies – The Aurin, Humans and the Granok. 

The lore behind the Chua and Mordesh offers players greater insight into how these two races are also part of the ongoing power struggle between the Dominion and the Exiles, and their intentions for the legendary planet Nexus, the setting
for WildStar, and the secrets left there by the ancient Eldan civilization.


Discovered by Mechari observers in the early years of the Dominion, the Chua of the forest world Bezgelor displayed from the start an uncanny grasp of science and mechanical engineering. Introduced to several examples of simple Dominion
technology, the Chua zealously industrialized their home until verdant forests were replaced with factories and tranquil pastures were reduced to dustbowls of ash. The Chua joined the Dominion out of a need for resources that their own ruined world could no
longer provide and for the past 1,000 years have created advanced weapons and technology for the empire. On Nexus, the Chua look forward to exploiting the planet’s legendary natural and technological resources while devising new and exciting ways to destroy
their enemies.


The Mordesh of planet Grismara once were the envy of the galaxy. Their refinements in alchemy – driven by the great Grismaran alchemist Victor Lazarin – produced an elixir that was said to grant immortality. Distributed worldwide, the elixir
eventually became unstable, causing those afflicted to physically degenerate and lapse into a mindless cannibalistic rage. The destruction that followed put the civilization a hairsbreadth from extinction and caused the Dominion to institute a brutal and uncompromising
quarantine. While Lazarin created a vaccine for the disease, the Mordesh turned to the Exiles, who smuggled them piecemeal through the Dominion blockade. Forced by dwindling numbers and a hunted status, the Mordesh resorted to artifice and deception. Now seen
by the Exiles as an unsavory, but necessary evil, they look to ply their dark arts on Nexus and wreak vengeance on the Dominion who deserted them.

WildStar infuses amazing stylized art with the latest technology to create a stunning visual experience. Set on an alien world, WildStar delivers a wild adventure filled with mystery as you fight to stake your claim among the ruins of an

advanced civilization, and experience an unprecedented level of exploration and discovery that allows you to play the way you want to play.

More information about the Chua and Mordesh races can be found on the website:

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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