The hallmark change in this update is the range in which minions give XP and gold. This has been changed from 60 to 80 virtual units. This is an increase of 33% and places it back in line where it originally was before it was nerfed down, in an attempt to force players to play a bit more aggressively. In addition, the gold bounty has been increased to 700, from 500, which is a rather hefty amount of change. A few additional skins were added, and as players will find out logging in today, they will see the event calendar which will help plan out the events going on in the future. A big quality of life update.

Sylvanus has gotten a bit of a nerf, no longer knocking back minions, which means that while it's still a great support, the throwing minions gimmick is coming to an end. Bellona will need to build block stacks on gods instead of minions, bringing her down a bit as well. Traveler Shoes no longer provide an EXP buff and have 10 less magical power. These are just a small round of nerfs, most everything affected probably will still be as powerful as before, but with a few bits of minor tuning.

The big change though is the XP/gold range and everyone should be aware of it, because you'll now be able to stand a bit further back and still get XP. As noted in the patch notes, this change is primarly going to impact conquest, but it can impact joust and arena just the same.

Click here to check out the new patch notes.


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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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