SMITE is always adding more to the game, and in the upcoming update next year there will be a Japanese Pantheon, a much requested pantheon that players have been wanting for a rather long time now. To celebrate, as a reward for collecting everything in the Odyssey this year there is a new anime Thor skin. This skin, to me, is really freaking awesome because of so many reasons. The first is he has his own soundtrack. Anyone who is GAR enough to know Jam Project should know the importance of a man having his own soundtrack as he's engaged in the burning passion fight to the death in his mecha suit.

His parts can attach on in sections, his card at the start of the match is fully animated, and the core character model is anime themed as well. Which is really cool, but to add to that, next year the Japanese Pantheon is coming and we got a very, very quick sneak peek at that towards the end (more will be coming at the upcoming SMITE World Championship):

Here's the video that was played at Super Regionals showing the hard work and cool features of the upcoming epic skin.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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