With Game Update 31 and the PlayStation 4 launch now out of the way, SOE sets its sights on 2014 and the future of DC Universe Online (DCUO). The ninth DLC to the superhero-based MMOG will launch in early 2014 with War of the Light Part I. The first part of the multi-part DLC introduces a new storyline with the introduction of the Red Lantern Corps to DCUO, adding the new Rage power set for both hero and villain characters complete with a red ring of power (with this being on the PS4 I'm sure that there's an Xbox red ring of death joke to be had here somewhere).

“Rage powers are inspired by the Red Lanterns, who draw their power from the Red Light of the Emotional Spectrum - a light associated with Rage,” Creative Director Jens Andersen wrote. “Heroes and villains will be able to wield this light using a special type of power ring only found in DCUO, which was first introduced when we created Light powers for the game. This new red power ring will tap into the Rage of the emotional spectrum to create energy blasts, deadly blood plasma attacks, and even some vicious constructs. Most importantly, it allows player characters to retain control of their reason, much like Atrocitus or Guy Gardner, so that they can make their own moral choices - will they wield this light with righteous fury or be driven by vengeance and petty anger? That choice will be yours.”

Rage offers players the chance play as DPS or tanks and includes a new mechanic called Rage Crash, which allows players to activate certain abilities to send them into a “state of extreme rage.” While in this state, any damage taken is instantly healed. This lasts for the duration of the ability. There is a downside (there’s always a downside). Once it fades you get hit with all of that previous damage at once. Ouch! You can activate some skills to mitigate that hit, but otherwise you can expect what’s been dubbed a Rage Crash, in this case that's probably akin to a car crash.

In addition to the shiny new red ring, the DLC will also offer up two new Legends PvP characters with the Blue Lantern leader Saint Walker and Atrocitus. Along with that you can also expect to see a new War of the Light Operation with a new separate version of Metropolis, which will act as the stage for three of the planned War of the Light DLCs, the first of which will introduce new 4-player and 8-player operations.

If all of that caught your attention, be sure to read Creative Director Jens Andersen’s latest update for more details. If you want more still, you can catch SOE’s DCUO Twitch Livestream today at 4:00PM PT for a look at the upcoming DLC. Alternatively, you can just watch it via the embed below.

Source: SOE Press Release

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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