DDO-Europe Having a Ball

In-game events are planned at Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach
Europe (DDO-Europe) for July 21, 22, and 23:

Codemasters Online Gaming (COG) today announced the
commencement of a
full calendar of official in-game events, starting with the massive “Livewood
Theater – Gladiator Event”
to be held across all servers on 21, 22
and 23 July.

Coinciding with COG’s presence at this year’s href="http://www.codemasterscampzone.com/">Codemasters Campzone
LAN party, this first event is certain to be well attended. In the
specially adapted Livewood Arena, House Phiarlan,
brave contestants will be invited to pit their might and skill against
a slew of different enemies, whether humanoid or one of the other
terrifying beasts that are being shipped in from far off lands for the
occasion. There will be a wealth of prizes available on the day so even
the more fearful might be tempted by the riches they could win!

Samantha “Satine” Russell, Community Liaison Manager, Codemasters
Online Gaming
, commented:

“We’ve already had a few extremely popular and successful community-led
events, namely the href="http://www.ddo-europe.com/index.php?id=664&articletype=News&territory=EnglishUK">First
Annual Stormreach Music Festival” and the href="http://www.ddo-europe.com/index.php?id=788&articletype=News&territory=EnglishUK">Spellswords
Auction both held last month. The events team from Alchemic

have also held a series of smaller player interactions in preparation
for the start of the full schedule. Following these “rehearsals” a very
exciting calendar of regular events has been finalised with plans
ranging from individual quests to full-blown, major population
participation events.”

There are plans to hold events every week across all servers. To keep
abreast of what’s coming up, visit our events page at

Join in the events discussion in our brand new events forum, target="_blank"


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016