Cryptic Studios has made an effort to involve the community with designing the look of certain starships for Star Trek Online and last year they put out a call to the community to create the next Enterprise. After some creative drafting, the community answered the call and a selected fan has been named the winner of the "Design the Next Enterprise" contest. The winning design will be featured as the new flagship of the Federation, the Enterprise-J.

Cryptic Studios believes in involving our players with the direction of the game and we are regularly listening for feedback and comments as we develop new features and content. CBS had previously had success with the Starship Titan Design Contest, and so it was agreed that we would allow our fans to submit designs as part of a contest to help us design the Next Enterprise.

This week Executive Producer Dan Stahl has posted the first part of a new developer diary series explaining how it all happened and where we go from here. The diary also offers a look at the next phase in the Enterprise-J development with the final clay model image.

Source: STO Developer Diary: Design the Next Enterprise (Part 1)

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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