Dilithium is one of the more valuable resources in the Star Trek universe, so it only makes sense that it would be just as valuable in the game. With the latest build released to Tribble, Dilithium was added as the game’s new currency, making it the second of what will be the game’s two currencies.

The latest Star Trek Online “Path to F2P” dev blog explains more about the new currency and how players can collect more of it. Dilithium comes in two forms – Dilithium Ore, the raw form of the mineral and Refined Dilithium, which players can create from the ore by using the refine option. Players are, however, limited to refining 8,000units of ore a day.

Currently, the only way that players can earn Refined Dilithium is to rank up their characters. With each new rank, players will earn a certain amount of Refined Dilithium. Dilithium Ore is a little different; this can be earned a number of different ways ranging from completing exploration missions, daily missions, sending duty officers to collect ore and participating in events, PvP and more.

Read the full Star Trek Online dev blog to learn more about Dilithium.

Source: Star Trek Online “Path to F2P” Dev Blog #7

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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