Star Trek Online (STO) Executive Producer Dan Stahl recently took to the com for a new to answer 50 new questions from the STO community. In the latest "Ask Cryptic", Stahl addressed questions about the latest additions to the game, new ships, upcoming Season 4 content and more. While not committing to any solid plans, Stahl did tease a few details about some of the possible ideas being tossed around for Fleet Alliances in the Season 5 update.

No solid plans yet, only discussions about where we want to take Fleets in Season 5 and beyond. The suggestion of Alliances is in response to players wanting larger Fleet Sizes. While we don't anticipate increasing the Fleet size cap, we do foresee a future where we can allow Fleets to both ally and declare war against one another as part of a larger Fleet Advancement system. These discussions are very early on and we don't have any big details to share yet.

The Foundry system also has a few changes in the pipeline, but it may be a while before those are complete. Some other items to note in the update is that cross-faction teaming is in the works, the Borg Queen will make her appearance after Season 4 and an item upgrade system using the Duty Roster near Season 5. Be sure to check out the full "Ask Cryptic" for all the latest details.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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