The Undine, a group of aliens that first discovered by the Borg in Star Trek Voyager as Species 8472 has returned once again to Star Trek Online (STO) and they’re conflict with the Federation, Klingons, and Romulans will be the focus of Season 9: A New Accord arriving this April. The update will add a new battlezone, new story arc and PvE content, and improvements to the Undine enemies.

Along with improved Undine, STO’s Earth Spacedock will also be getting a revamp.

“My personal favorite improvement of Season 9 is the reworking of Earth Spacedock”, wrote STO Executive Producer Steven D’Angelo. “ESD has served its role adequately as a hub for Federation Captains, but I’ve always felt that it was confining and frankly not a very fun place to visit. I challenged the STO team to come up with a new vision of ESD that would be so Star Trek that Trek lovers couldn’t help but drool over it when arriving there. The team did not disappoint! The new ESD is still being polished as I write this, but it’s already a stunning place to visit.”

Source: STO Season 9 Blog

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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