Game Informer gives star treatment to Star Trek.

Star Trek Online is making headlines this week. From the STO Interview with Leonard Nimoy to the cover of Game Informer, that is a nice round of PR work considering the monster triple A title Warhammer Online launches this week. With ten pages of coverage in addition to the cover, Star Trek Online has a very nice spread. The article discusses all of the basics like shipbuilding and the characters and civilizations. One interesting note from STO Executive Producer Craig Zinkievich:

"We didn't want to focus on making an MMO so much as bringing the Star Trek universe to life."

What? So is it a slide show? I'm hoping he said that for the mass market audience that is Game Informer's base and is just downplaying the MMO aspects to that crowd who snubs their noses at MMOs. The article is chock full of pictures and more importantly it does include yet another interview with Leonard Nimoy (that guy is getting around!). Mr. Nimoy answers the more important question about his character Spock, namely, how many pairs of Vulcan ears he went through during his time on the show. The answer? Mr. Nimoy guesses around 35. Stop in at Star Trek Online for more information.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016