If you’ve been holding out for State of Decay’s PC release, you’ll have your chance to get in on the Steam early access version starting tomorrow. Undead Labs today announced the Early Access launch date for tomorrow after teasing fans with the impending release over the last couple of weeks.

There are a few things that you should keep in mind about the Early Access version if you’re planning to pick it up. The initial release will be a controller-only version, and you can probably expect to see a few bugs and performance issues. For all intensive purposes, this is more or less a testing of the early PC version. If you have a problem with that, you may want to hold off until the full release later this year, which will be more polished and include the option to use a mouse and keyboard.

What you’ll see this Friday, if you choose to join forces with us to make the PC version kick ass, is a test version. It’s not ready to be reviewed. It will not be perfect. It may still have crashes. What it won’t have is a keyboard and mouse interface…not at first. Why not? Over the next however many weeks, we will be putting up versions of the keyboard interface and using your comments and feedback to make it awesome. Right this minute, the Early Access version requires an Xbox 360 controller (or a compatible 3rd-party controller, although we haven’t done much testing with those yet).

This process is not for everyone. Casual players, the easily frustrated, and the short of time should NOT get the Early Access version. Hey, I am all three of those things, y’all. Those are not criticisms. It’s just that we want everyone to have the experience that best suits their needs. You all deserve the best, so if you’re not into giving feedback, just wait a few months and play the final version after we make it great.

State of Decay’s Early Access will be priced at $20 and be available on Steam starting tomorrow. Buyers of the Early Access version will be upgraded to the full version once it launches at no additional cost.

Source: State of Decay Steam PC Early Access Announcement

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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