What do you get when you mix a Star Trek Online MMO with news of the Galaxy class Starships? A squealing 12 year old boy. Or a *cough* 31 *cough* girl. A New Developer Blog is up on the official Star Trek Online site. This one revolves around the new starships.

Glen Dahlgren here, Design Director on STO, and it's my pleasure to give you a peek into another aspect of our design process.

Because of our recent press release, you may already be aware that we're working with yet another experienced Star Trek designer: Andrew Probert, the guy who designed the Enterprise D, Next Gen's original Starship. But you're certainly not familiar with the intimate details of HOW he is contributing - and that's what I'd like to discuss.

While we're very excited to have the opportunity to create brand-new ships and technology (and we will be doing so), one of our goals for STO is to bring alive the iconic people, things, and places from Star Trek's shows and movies - that with which you're already very familiar. An obvious target is the Galaxy-class Starship, the anchor of TNG. Who doesn't want to wander those halls, walk around that bridge, or explore the holodeck? And how about visiting some of the places that the show only hinted at, like the Cetacean (dolphin) quarters or the immense double-barreled main computer core?

Enterprise D! *shudders and faints dead away from excitement*

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016