In preparations for Delta Rising, Star Trek Online is beginning its gearing upgrade party today, which will last through October 13. This comes on the heels of yesterday's patch. As Star Trek Online ramps up for Delta Rising – which becomes available to players October 14 – which is set 32 years after the story of Star Trek Voyager. The main part of the upgrading that players will be able to do will be through crafting, which comes in three tiers. Crafting these upgrades, which can then be applied to your current gear, will let you obtain the best possible gear in the game until Delta Rising releases.

In order to have the best possible upgrades, you'll need to have high level R&D skills. At level five, you can craft the lowest tier of upgrades, which is the Basic Tier. Improved will require level ten. Level fifteen is the R&D level required to craft Superior Tech Upgrades, which will bring gear up to Mark XII ultra-rare/ultraviolet quality. Upon Delta Rising's release, players will then be able to upgrade once again, to Mark XIV epic/gold quality. In a recent dev blog post, it was recommended that you prioritize your R&D skills based on what gear you want to upgrade first.

This event kicks off by offering bonus rewards for players to claim by logging into the Holodeck, which could mean immediate upgrades. There will be three major events for players, so be sure to log in for all three to take advantage of all of the freebies being handed out. From September 25 to September 29, the rewards are three superior ground gear tech upgrades, three superior shield tech upgrades, and one major tech accelerator. Then, from October 2 to October 6, you can get three superior science tech upgrades, three superior engineering tech upgrades, and one major tech accelerator. Finally, from October 9 until October 13, you can get three superior beam tech upgrades, three superior cannon tech upgrades, three superior projectile tech upgrades, and one major tech accelerator.

Each faction will have a special contact available for players to speak with and claim their rewards. Items are bound to each character, but multiple characters can claim the rewards. In the requisitions area for your faction, you'll find Lieutenant Shelby on Earth Spacedock for Starfleet officers, Commander Hugor on Qo’noS for KDF officers, and Lieutenant Tirar at New Romulus Command for Romulan Republic officers. In each case, you’ll find your contact at the appropriate ground equipment requisitions area.

If you're playing catch up and will be hitting level 50 during this event, any Lobi Store Space and Ground Equipment now stops scaling once you hit level 50. However, this can now be converted into Mark XII for free, upon obtaining level 50. More details on Lobi Store changes, such as Ground Equipment getting updated to be more uniform in design, as well as everything else for the Delta Rising pre-patch can be found here in the release notes post.

Are you playing Star Trek Online currently? What are you most looking forward to in Delta Rising? Have you been enjoying the crafting revamp that recently happened? Let us know!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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