Tonight, there was a dev chat held by Stratics. The long list of some topics touched on: character customization, classes, skills, spell point system, optional food and drink, equipment, dungeons, 20 people battles, new content, multiple difficulty levels, alpha progress, XP, stealthing, rare items, the world of Eberron, combat, quests, stats, abilities, death, dragon raids, and guilds! View the full log, here.

Here is a bit on what to expect from the alpha:

Brannoc - *Guest498084791* I think everyone wants in the alpha yesterday. Can you tell us how it is going and/or when we can expect more invites?

SporkfireDDO - Alpha is going well. By the end of next week, we will have over a thousand players in the game. So, that is a ton of feedback to go through and act on. We're currently developing our ongoing communication programs for both Alpha participants and forum regulars.

SporkfireDDO - In the near future, we will be posting Alpha Journals, that contain summaries of the week's activity on the Dev side, player quotes and other interesting community things that come out of this phase.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016